Resume of Kay Rhodes

Senior back-end developer seeking full-time remote work.
Phone: (617) 308-9130 <-- Your best option.
USA - Eastern Time Zone


Programming professionally since 1995. There are few things I haven't done in the realm of web development. Most recently I've been primarily doing Ruby-centric coding. I pride myself on writing code that is modular, extendable, maintainable, and readable. I understand the difference between code that will get the job done fast and code that will get the job done well, and when to use each. I know how a little good planning can save countless man-hours. And, most importantly, I know the limits of my knowledge and when to ask questions of those around me.

I prefer to work with people who care passionately about the quality of their work, and make software that people actually want to use. Making the world a better place would be a pretty nice bonus.

If you'd like to know more about me there's plenty of info available at



4/23 - 10/23 Ticketsolve
Senior Engineer

On this international contract I helped a small company based in Ireland with various back-end rails tasks while most of my coworkers got ready for bed.

  • Added support for distributing event tickets through Apple and Google Wallets.
  • Improved CI tools and tooling.
  • Helped document various processes.
  • Improved unit tests and code maintainability.
9/21 - 11/22 Dutchie
Senior Engineer

At Dutchie I helped build the initial versions of DutchiePay, an ACH based payment system, conceptually similar to PayPal. Because of our privileged access to people's money this work required extreme caution with regards to data validity, auditability, and security.

  • Worked in a heavily customized Rails stack that leveraged protobuffers, and multiple Rails Engines.
  • Mentored junior developers.
  • Provided on-call engineering support for our servers.
6/19 - 9/21 DockYard
Senior Engineer

At DockYard I spent the majority of my time in a staff-aug capacity and worked to make existing apps more reliable, maintainable, and tested.

  • Upgraded multiple Rails sites to modern versions and gems.
  • Significantly refactored a multi-threaded Ruby data ingester and made it testable.
  • Maintained and added testing to a legacy Rails app.
  • Introductory Elixir work.
4/11 - 10/18 One Door
Principal Engineer / Tech Lead / Release Manager

My role and responsibilities grew significantly during my years at One Door.

  • Provided technical expertise to help Product team scope out new features.
  • Merged multi-year divergent codebases to minimize custom code maintenance, improve stability, & streamline new development.
  • Architected & implemented solution to re-integrate divergent databases.
  • Spearheaded creation of incident management processes and documentation.
  • Provided deep application knowledge as key Subject Matter Expert and Tech Lead for multiple teams.
  • Created & led “Support” team for resolving production bugs.
  • Managed offshore development team.
  • Created release management process & served as release manager to guarantee only approved code went to production.
    • Coded tools to extract data from Jira and Git to help audit the code in each release.
  • Designed custom CSV Parser and validator to provide customers with detailed feedback on CSV problems.
  • Became a Certified Scrum Master.
06/07 - 12/10 Akamai Technologies Inc.
Senior Web Developer

As the first web developer in a new business unit, I was responsible for putting together the first customer-facing graphs and information pages, as well as tools to allow customers to provision internal systems. As the team grew and we acquired Acerno, I helped improve and expand the primary internal provisioning system that came along with the acquisition.

My various projects involved the use of Java with Struts, Perl, and Python.

1995 - 2007 history of work
So many things, for so many people.

I've been working professionally (as a web developer) since 1995. I spent the first eight years working for myself. Before then, I spent a number of years doing Graphic Design, Prepress (flexographic and traditional), and Web Design work.

Technical Skills

Operating Systems / Platforms

macOS, Linux (Ubuntu and RedHat primarily). AWS's S3 and EC2. I have limited experience with Free BSD, and Windows.


Ruby is my primary languge, but I've used Bash, Common Lisp, Crystal, Elixir, Go, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python, Raku, Racket, SQL, Scheme, and others. If it's in common use I've probably either worked in it, or fixed something in it.

Also, English, and Esperanto.


Technical Writings


Open Source Work

I am responsible for approximately 50 Open Source projects in 15 languages.
You can view a full listing on my site.